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Hearing the Shepherd's Voice

May 7, 2017 Speaker: Sam Garrison Series: Easter Entering Into The Newness of Life

Topic: Easter Entering Into The Newness of Life Passage: John 10:1–10:10

A Recap From Sunday's Sermon

Preaching text: John 10:1-10

So often, each of us fall into the trap of making life's good things into THE thing, and inevitably are unfulfilled.  The people Jesus was talking to in this passage were no different.  In this Shepherd Parable, Jesus confronts his listeners with a simple, but profound question: Do you want an abundant life?

An abundant life is not a successful, wealthy, easy or long life.  It is, however, a plentiful, rich and full one.  Jesus explicitly says he came so that we can have that type of life today, if only we hear as he calls, and follow as he leads.

The question is often asked, "How can I hear Jesus?"  Jesus personally and individually calls us in a number of ways that are often summarized as the 5 C's: 1) Commanding Scripture; 2) Compelling spirit; 3) Common sense; 4) the Counsel of saints; and 5) Circumstantial signs.  As with any relationship, we also have to cultivate the habits of being in a position, and a posture, to hear.

Having heard, how do we follow?  The simple answer is to trust and obey.  That becomes much easier when we speak what we've heard (out loud) to our Christian brothers and sisters, and invite them to hold us accountable and encourage us to step out in faith, with courage and hope.

For Discussion at Home:
What is one thing you could do differently this week to hear God's voice more clearly?

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