This Sunday we will have one service outdoors at 10:00 AM. Learn more here.

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Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Care Support Team

The mission of the Pastoral Care team is to “love one another as Christ has loved us” (John 15:12.) The Rev. Gus Richard serves as the clergy leader for pastoral care and is happy to help you with any pastoral needs.

Members of this team are trained Grace Anglican Church volunteers dedicated to assisting people with a variety of needs. They can connect people with the appropriate person who can provide meals, arrange for Homebound or Hospital visits, Home Communion, Intercessory Prayer, Individual Prayer, etc. Team members are not therapists or counselors, but they are good listeners who can assist in meeting needs. If you, your friends or family members, are ill, grieving, or experiencing difficult times, please contact The Rev. Gus Richard or call the church office at (904) 541-1234.

Pastoral Care Ministries

  • Altar Prayer Ministry 
  • Baptism 
  • Flower Delivery 
  • Funerals 
  • GriefShare
  • Healing Prayer 
  • Homebound Visitation 
  • Home Communion
  • Intercessory/Confidential Prayer 
  • Prayer Garden
  • Weddings

For more information on these various pastoral care ministries, please contact The Rev. Gus Richard or call the church office at (904) 541-1234.