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Grace Anglican Church Weddings

Considering the fragile state of marriage in our culture today, we require couples desiring to be married at the church to go through pre-marital counseling. The goal is not to burden them, but rather to help set them up for lifelong success together. Before agreeing to marry anyone, the officiating pastor will meet with the couple and discern if he can in good conscience bless their union. We want to insure that couples understand what marriage is and what it is not and that they are entering into this lifelong covenant prepared to make the sacrifices that all successful marriages must make.

In cases where one or both of the partners has been divorced, our bishop requires us to first obtain his consent to perform the wedding. Also, we are not permitted to perform a wedding for someone who has been divorced more than once. Both people must be baptized in order to be married by our clergy, or must have special dispensation.

Prior to the first meeting, couples should spend some time thinking about the following questions: "Why do you want to be married in a church or by a Christian minister?" and “Why make your vows before God?” Nowadays couples either just live together unmarried or decide to have a secular wedding. Since this is such a serious and lifelong commitment, couples will be encouraged to start praying together about it. Despite what many people advise today and financial considerations, cohabitation before marriage is not good. Those currently living together will need to discuss this in counseling and discern what God’s desire is for them during the engagement period. Often times, this involves separate living arrangements until the wedding.

After the initial meeting, the rest of the counseling time will be customized to the specific personalities and needs of the couple. These meetings will be based on a tool called Prepare and Enrich. This involves a 250-question survey each partner separately completes on the computer. It then generates a very accurate report on the relationship that will help us customize the topics discussed in the subsequent meetings. The final meeting walks through the liturgy and explains the theology and significance of marriage vows. The goal is to have at least 4 hours of counseling, ideally spaced out over the six months leading up to the wedding date.

For those who go through 4 or more hours of counseling, the courthouse lowers the price by about $40. Our schedule of wedding fees is listed below:

Wedding Fees:

Clergyman- Discretionary Amount

Staff musician- $200

Church Use/Cleaning-  $150

Reception Hall- $150

Aisle Candles- $50

Sound technician- $75

Prepare/Enrich Survey- $35/couple

Please note: These fees are not meant to burden you and can be adjusted if needed for your situation.

For more information, please contact Senior Pastor, The Rev. Mike McDonald or call the church (904) 541-1234.