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June 9, 2019 Speaker: Mike McDonald Series: Life In The Spirit

Topic: Pentecost Passage: Acts 2:1–2:11

A Recap from Sunday’s Sermon

Preaching Text: Acts 2:1-11

This past Sunday was the Feast of Pentecost, which means “fiftieth.”  It refers to both the 50thday after the Jewish feast of Passover and the 50thday after the Resurrection of Jesus.  Thus, there is a Jewish Pentecost and a Christian fulfilment. On the first Christian Pentecost, the Holy Spirit fell upon the 120 believers who were prayerfully waiting for Jesus’ promise.  Jerusalem was full of pilgrims from far away cities all over the Mediterranean basin. Jesus told them to wait for power, then they would be his witnesses to the ends of the earth.  The Holy Spirit was given to help those who attempt obedience to the teachings of Jesus.  For those who want to obey, God is mightily present. 

God empowers what he commands.

Consider the three symbols present at Pentecost.

  1. WORDS: The disciples were given miraculous language ability to speak to all the nationalities gathered. This is because Christ commands his people to take the Good News to all peoples.
  1. WIND:The Spirit manifested his presence as a loud and rushing wind, symbolic of power.  In order to be salt and light in the world (Matthew 5:13), we will need God’s power.  A lost and dying world is looking for truly transformed disciples.
  1. FIRE: The tongues of fire over each disciple reminds us of the purifying baptism by fire. It will take more than good behavior to win the world for Christ.  We must be truly good people at the heart.  This requires a new purity, which only God gives (Ezekiel 36:25).

Taking it home:Read the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7). Resolve to become the kind of person Jesus describes there.  Prayerfully discuss with others what keeps you from living like this.  Then, ask the Holy Spirit to help you be transformed.

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