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Paul Disciples Priscilla and Aquilla

May 26, 2019 Speaker: Dan Wolf Series: Discipling Generations

Topic: Discipling Generations Passage: Acts 18:1–18:11

A Recap from Sunday’s Sermon

Preaching Text: Acts 18:1-11

How do you have lasting influence in people's lives?   Time Magazine named Jesus the #1 most significant person in human history.  After his death and resurrection, what was Jesus' method of influencing the world?  Relationships.  He invested in intentional relationships that helped others grow in their relationship to God and others.

In just the first 8 verses of Acts 18, we see one of Jesus' disciples, Paul, investing in intentional relationships that have a ripple effect.  In the workplace, he invests in Priscilla and Aquilla who later disciple Apollos (Acts 18:24-28). In the church, he invests in a young leader Timothy who later pastors the Ephesian church and influences generations (2 Tim 2:2). In his neighborhood, he invests in Titius Justus whose house serves as the first meeting place of the church.  He then invests in Crispus, who disciples his whole family in the faith.  Who has God placed in your workplace, church, neighborhood, or family for you to invest in?

One way to invest is to help lead church discipleship opportunities (be a youth leader, Sunday School teacher, Rooted group leader, prayer minister) or invite friends to explore Jesus at Alpha, VBS, or youth group. 

Another way to invest is to gather one to three people and simply:

Talk – Get to know them.  Ask intentional questions.  Listen for what God is doing in their life.
Study – Learn about following Jesus together through reading and discussing the Bible.
Pray – Pray with them for their needs.  Pray for them during the week.

This type of relational investment can be challenging at times.  But in verse 9-11, we see God encouraging Paul and us that when we step out and invest, "Do not be afraid...for I am with you... for I have many in this city who are my people."  Don't give up. When we make disciples, we are never alone, for God is with us and has given us his Spirit to empower us to persevere. Intentional relationships have generational influence. 

Taking It Home:
If you have questions or feel stuck in your faith, reach out to a Christian you respect and ask if they would invest in you.  If you are following Jesus, ask him who to intentionally invest in at home, neighborhood, workplace, or church?

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