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Transformation starts with Invitation

February 3, 2019 Speaker: Dan Wolf Series: Abundance For Others

Topic: Abundance for Others Passage: John 1:35–1:51

A Recap from Sunday’s Sermon

Preaching Text: John 1:35-51

Transformation starts with invitation.

During this past month’s 3 for 30 Alpha Prayer Movement, we have been praying that God would open a door for us to invite people in our lives that don’t have a relationship with Jesus to explore questions at Alpha this Sunday, Feb 10th.  But sharing our faith can often induce anxiety.  “What if they ask me a question I don’t know the answer to?” “I don’t want to alienate a friend.” The good news is that you don’t have to be an evangelist, apologist, or confrontationist to share Jesus with others.  So what can we do?

When Jesus encounters two seekers in John 1:38, he asked them the all-important question, “What are you looking for?”  Jesus asks each of us, “What are you really searching for in life?”   Many of us are so busy and distracted, or we’re not really sure what we are searching for (see Tom Brady’s 60 Minute Interview).   Concurrently, when it comes to sharing your faith with others, don’t start with opening your mouth.  Start with opening your ears.  Listen.  What do they really want in life? 

Later in this passage, we see two simple models for sharing our faith in Andrew and Phillip.  Andrew brings his brother Peter to Jesus and Jesus transforms Peter into the leader of the church.  Philip invites a skeptical Nathaniel to “come and see”, and Jesus transforms him from a doubter to a disciple. We do the invitation.  Jesus does the transformation.  Transformation starts with invitation.  So invite others to simply “come and see.”  And Jesus will handle it from there. 

Taking It Home:
Ask God for an opportunity to invite someone to Alpha this Sunday to explore their questions about Jesus. More information on Alpha can be found here.


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