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Jesus Is The King We All Need

January 2, 2022 Speaker: The Rev. Mike McDonald Series: Light of Revelation

Topic: Light of Revelation Passage: Isaiah 60:1–60:6, Matthew 2:1–2:12

The “Serenity Prayer” helps in the time of New Year’s resolutions. Before making such a resolution, it’s good to pray for wisdom about what God would like us to pursue. Such resolutions speak to the universal feeling that none are living as we should. We long for more. Those trying to change through self-help will either be proud or despairing in their resolution. But we need change on a larger scale.

The Magi were Persian astrologers and priests. They were searching the heavens for larger significance. When God gave them the specific revelation that the long-awaited King of the Jews was born, they undertook a lengthy, arduous and expensive journey. Christianity has always upheld them as signifying God’s desire to bring salvation to all people, especially the Gentiles.

Jesus is the King we all need. 

Upon finding the child Jesus, now likely 2 years old, they were full of great rejoicing (v. 10). Their gifts are of great value but even greater significance:

Myrrh was primarily used for embalming.  Jesus was born to die. The Apostle Paul summarized his preaching message as “Christ and him crucified.”

Frankincense is the spice explicitly commanded for the Old Testament priest to offer. Jesus is our Great High Priest who “lives to make intercession” for us (Hebrews 7:25).

Gold is a gift for a king. Matthew’s Gospel is bookended with Jesus’ royalty. He is the King of all kings who is able to change the things we cannot (think Serenity Prayer).  In due time, he will heal the nations and restore every longing heart.

Taking It Home: Follow the example of the Magi and find joy and worship in Jesus’ birth. Go ahead and pursue resolutions for 2022, but do so in consultation with Jesus your King.

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