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In Jesus We Have an Infinite Source of Joy

December 19, 2021 Speaker: Curtis Froisland Series: Advent - Awaiting Our King

Topic: Advent Passage: Luke 1:39–1:56

We are often anxious and weary because we look for lasting joy in all manner of places (money, relationships, career, etc.) that ultimately leave our souls empty and hungry. In the story of Mary’s visitation with Elizabeth, and Mary’s song of praise, we have this beautiful promise: 

In Jesus, and the salvation he brings, we have a fathomless (bottomless, infinite) source of joy, if we will receive him with humble faith.  

We see this infinite joy overflowing in John who leaps “for joy” in Elizabeth’s womb at the presence of Christ in his midst. We see the same joy in Elizabeth as she blesses Mary three times for bringing Jesus, the very presence of God, to her. Most explicitly, Mary “rejoices in God my Savior” and sings of how good God is, and how wonderful is the salvation he brings.

All three of them are overflowing with joy because they have tapped into the reality at the center of the Christmas story. God came to give himself to us by giving himself for our sins. If we will receive him with humble faith, we too can overflow with joy—not superficial happiness, but a deep abiding sense of God’s goodness, rest in him, and assurance that all will be well. Faith takes hold of the promises of God, and humble faith is open to the power of God at work in ways we would not have designed or expected for ourselves. Afterall, God gave himself to us in a manger. He came not to be served, but to serve and give his life as a ransom for many. So, if we want to experience joy in who Jesus is and what he came to do, we must humble ourselves.

Taking It Home: How can you humble yourself in order to receive true joy?