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The Day of the Lord is His Promised Return to Perfect His Kingdom Rule

November 28, 2021 Speaker: The Rev. Mike McDonald Series: Advent - Awaiting Our King

Topic: Advent Passage: Zechariah 14:1–9

Advent is a season that focuses us on the coming of our Lord, both his future Second Coming and his past coming at Christmas. The lectionary readings for the first Sunday of Advent help Christians anticipate Christ’s return. Zechariah 14 is an apocalyptic prophecy intended to call God’s people to a renewal of covenant faithfulness in light of the coming “Day of the Lord.”

The Day of the Lord is his promised return to perfect his kingdom rule.

From Zechariah’s writing, we can expect a few things of this coming Day.

  1. Judgment will start at the Lord’s own house (v. 2). Zechariah evokes images from a previous siege in Jerusalem when the first temple fell as a warning. The unfaithful will be cut off and believers will be refined when the Lord returns. This is a graphic call to repentance.
  1. The Lord will fight for his remnant against their enemies (v. 3). He will split the Mount of Olives in half to provide a way of escape like he did at the Red Sea in the Exodus. You won’t have to fight.
  1. The Lord’s return will be cosmic in its scope (v. 6-9). The night/day and living water is reminiscent of the creation narrative from Genesis 1. When Christ finally establishes his rule, all things will be renewed and his kingdom will never end.

The Christian can have hope rather than either indulgence or despair as a worldview. The problems we face are small in contrast to the glory that will be revealed. Walk with Christ now so you can lift up your heads then.

Taking It Home: Repent of anything keeping you from hoping in the Lord.  Look with eagerness for the day of your redemption when Christ will return.  


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