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Get Connected Sunday

August 25, 2019 Speaker: Mike McDonald Series: Jesus is Greater

Topic: Get Connected

The author of Hebrews uses the phrase “draw near” seven times throughout the letter.   He recognizes the tendency Christians have to allow their relationship with God to drift away.  The original audience was tempted to return to Jewish forms of pursuing God.  His argument, which our sermon series title echoes, is that Jesus is greater in every way. 

Jesus makes a new way to draw near to God (v. 20).

The preaching text shows us how we are to approach God. 

  1. We draw near to God IN CHRIST. Verse 20 makes a reference to the temple curtain, which was torn when Jesus died on the Cross (see Matthew 27:51).  Whereas the temple system had various barriers that kept sinful people from the holiness of God, Christ’s death has granted a “new and living way.”
  1. We draw near to God IN COMMUNITY. Verse 25 encourages us to guard against failure to meet as the gathered church.  The whole preaching text uses plural and inclusive language, such as “let us.”  We are to both challenge and encourage one another in the pursuit of God.  This is far more than Sunday worship services.  We are to “consider how to stir one another up.”  This presumes meeting with other believers in mutual dialogue.  Get Connected Sunday is all about choosing to be in such community.
  1. We draw near to God IN CONFIDENCE. Verse 19 tells us to draw near with confidence and verse 22 tells us how.   Christ has sprinkled our hearts clean from an evil conscience.  He has washed us in baptism as a sign of our salvation.  With God’s truth, our hearts can be calibrated to a true north (Christ) and assured in faith.  The result is a bold approach to God, thanks to Jesus our High Priest.       

Taking it home:  Rate the closeness of your relationship with God on a scale of 1-5.  Discuss in your family or life group your rating and the reasons for it

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