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Palm Sunday

April 14, 2019 Speaker: Mike McDonald

Topic: Palm Sunday Passage: Luke 23:26–23:36

A Recap from Sunday’s Sermon

Preaching Text: Luke 23:26-38

Jesus did many things in his earthy ministry, but one is most significant. The Cross is central, not only to the gospels, but to the Bible as a whole. Although he was the greatest teacher to have ever lived, teaching was not his primary reason for coming.

Jesus came to die for our sins.

Today’s text describes the road to crucifixion in fairly brief terms. While this path to the cross seems quick, the Cross has been long looming over Jesus. But what did the Cross accomplish? 

The Bible contains images of the atonement that help us understand why Jesus died.

Propitiation. This image is of temple sacrifice, appeasing God’s wrath. Jesus took the wrath of God toward our sin upon himself (see 1 John 1:1-2).

Redemption. This image is from the marketplace. Jesus ransomed us from slavery to sin (see Mark 10:45).

Justification. This image is from the courtroom. God’s Word declares us guilty, but Jesus takes the penalty in our place (see Romans 5:1).

Reconciliation. This image is from the family. Jesus restores us to fellowship with God (see Ephesians 2:11).

Victory. This image is from the battlefield. On the Cross, Jesus defeated Satan (see Colossians 2:14-15).

Taking it home: Look up all of these passages in your Bible and discuss all the images of the atonement. Then spend time thanking Jesus.