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Apollos Is Discipled By Aquila and Priscilla

August 2, 2017 Speaker: Dan Wolf Series: Sent: Living the Mission of God

Topic: Sent Passage: Acts 18:24–18:28

A Recap from Sunday’s Sermon

Preaching Text: Acts 18:24-28

Paul disciples and equips fellow tentmakers Aquila and Priscilla and then charges them to help lead the church in Ephesus.  When a well-educated and passionate teacher named Apollos arrives in Ephesus, he begins to proclaim Christ in the synagogues.  But Apollos only knows of the baptism of John and not the baptism of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit commissioned by Jesus.  With humble courage, Aquila and Priscilla take him aside privately and "pridelessly" and give him gentle correction and teaching.  And with courageous humility, Apollos receives their wisdom.  We too are called to give and receive Christ-like correction.  It is through walking closely with Jesus that we learn not only his truth but also his way (e.g. Jesus' way in Mark 10:35-45). When we experience his gentle correction in our lives, it gives us the courage to lovingly correct others and the humility to receive correction and godly wisdom.

Taking it Home:

When was a time you received constructive and helpful correction?  How can you learn from that experience the next time you are called to give correction?

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