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Ruth: The Lord Redeems Sermon Series


The story of Ruth is about redemption, which could be defined as, "gaining or regaining possession of (something/someone) in exchange for payment."  Jesus himself is our Redeemer regaining possession of us who have strayed from God, by his payment made on the cross.  The story of Ruth lays the groundwork for that ultimate redemption, with its own layers of lesser redemption.  Ruth helps redeem her mother-in-law through love and stout character.  Boaz redeems the birthright land in Bethlehem for Ruth's deceased husband by marrying Ruth and providing for her needs.  In deciding to forsake her homeland of Moab and stick with Naomi, her mother-in-law, Ruth finds that Naomi's God, the Lord, is the ultimate Redeemer.  Ruth gives birth to a son who will become King David's grandfather.  From her beginning as a destitute foreign widow, Ruth finds a highly esteemed role in the genealogy of Jesus Christ.  The Lord redeems all of us through Jesus and Ruth forever has a prominent place in his genealogy.  We will study the story of Ruth throughout September and October.