Grace Anglican Church will be worshiping in person and via Facebook Live at 9:00AM this Sunday. Please visit our COVID-19 Updates page to pre-register for in person gatherings and for all the latest Sunday service details, information, and resources. 

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Jesus is Greater Sermon Series


We Invite You to Join Us This Sunday!

This title for our preaching focus summarizes the thought of the Letter to the Hebrews.   If you want to know and understand God, look to Jesus.  He is the fulfilment of God's law and God's patterns in the Old Covenant.  He is also the one who inaugurated the New Covenant.  As the letter teaches, Jesus is greater than the angels.  He is greater than Moses.  He is greater than the Temple priesthood.  These are all good things that find their perfection and fulfillment in Christ.  This letter was written to Christians who were in a time of trial.  They were being drawn away from the Gospel of Christ and into less important things.  They had become weary.  Yet, for them and us, God's rest is found in Christ.   Let us draw near to Jesus and worship him by considering his greatness.