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Galatians Sermon Series


Current Sermon Series

Pentecost is all about the coming of the Holy Spirit.  Following the celebration of Pentecost, we will be studying the Apostle Paul’s letter to the Galatians, in which there are fifteen references to the Holy Spirit. Galatians is all about life in the Spirit in contrast to the rival “gospels” that cry out for our attention. Paul wrote this fiery letter with a godly jealousy for the Galatians in response to a false gospel circulating in the churches there.  Dr. J.I. Packer called it, “the most violent piece of polemic writing in the New Testament.” Paul makes many contrasts in this epistle, most significantly the contrast of life according to the flesh with life in the Spirit. 

Additional Resources for this Series: 
Looking to go deeper into this topic?  Below is a recommended book to help you walk through Galatians, helping you get to grips with its meaning and showing us how it transforms our hearts and lives today.