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Extending Grace Sermon Series


Lenten Sermon Series

Jesus came to preach the Good News to many towns. The Lord is on mission and we should be too. This sermon series will focus on the first two words of the new vision wording: Extending Grace.

Extending means pushing the reach of our ministries out further. What would this look like to be a people on mission?  What would this look like for you personally?  Grace is our message about Good News for sinners. Join us during this series as we look at the grace God has extended to us.  

Devotional Recommendation: 
Worship is intentionally formational and helps us grow as disciples. Our routines, patterns, observances, shape the ways we celebrate being believers. This is why the importance of worship on Sunday and everyday in our homes is listed on our Discipleship Pathway

Our daily devotional this Lent is meant to serve as an at-home liturgy, a recurring ritual we engage in to place value in our relationship with God and shape our habits, loves, and desires in Christ. 

The Scriptures and questions listed are designed to go along with the topic of our Lenten Sermon Series Extending Grace.  Download the devotional below or pick up a copy on the information table in the foyer.