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Common Book of Prayer Class

Common Book of Prayer Class

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Every Sunday until November 24, 2019

10:15am – 10:50am

Category: Courses/Studies/Training

Gather in fellowship hall as we get acquainted with the new BCP.  We will have a preaching series on worhsip and this 3 week Sunday School class.  In the class we will teach on liturgy in general and also the specific changes that were made to the BCP.  Register here.

Nov. 10th - Jessica Jones will teach on the overall structure of worship and the 4-fold order (Gather, Word, Response and Sending).

Nov. 17th - Dan Wolf will teach on the beginning and end of the worship service, i.e. the "gathering and scattering."

Nov. 24th - Mike McDonald will teach on the middle of the service, in particular the new Eucaharistick prayer.

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