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Worship Resources

Worship Resources

In-Person Gathering and Online Worship

Sunday, October 31st

This Sunday, the 10:45 AM service will be available to view live on our website. This service will remain on our website to worship at anytime throughout the week. This will also be uploaded to Facebook to view.

In-Person Worship:

7:45 AM Contemplative Service with Holy Communion
9:00 AM Traditional Service with Holy Communion
10:45 AM Contemporary Service with Holy Communion

Online Worship:

10:45 AM Contemporary Service with Holy Communion 

Learn more about our different worship services here.

(Watch Live at 10:45AM or at a later time)

Communion Pick Up
For those worshiping from home on Sundays, you can still participate in Communion. Each week, Wednesday through Friday 10AM - 3PM, pre-consecrated elements will be available for pickup in the church office. If you need us to deliver them to your home, please contact Deacon Luke.  

Covid19 Protocol Updates
For the latest covid protocol changes to in-person and online worship, checkout the latest letters from Mike McDonald here (7/8/21) and here (7/30/21). 

Worship Resources for Sunday

Sunday worship will begin on page 123 of the Book of Common Prayer (the BCP 2019 download button below). Words and Scriptures will also be available on your screen. These links will be active by Friday of each week for Sunday worship:

Sunday MorningBCPbutton  Scriptures 

childrensbulletin3-6  childrensbulletin7-12  


Children's Ministry at 9AM and 10:45AM Services
Children's ministry (for nursery - 6th grade) will be available at the 9AM and 10:45AM service. Learn more hereContact Jennifer Lancaster with any questions.

Sunday Worship Bulletins
Bulletins are available for pick up or can be emailed. Please contact Jan Rowell if you would like a copy. 


Please remember to continue to invest in the mission and ministries of the church by giving online, mailing a check into the church, or by texting GAC to 73256.


Prayer and Support Requests

We want to support you in your time of need. Whether you have a prayer request or need assistance, let us know how we can help you. Click the button below to upload any urgent needs or prayer requests for the pastoral staff. Learn more about personal prayer appointments available in person or via Zoom here


As we offer in-person worship services, the following precautions will be in place to keep everyone as safe as possible by protecting those worshiping together and protecting the vulnerable among us. If you are looking for extra room to distance, we recommend our 7:45 AM service. This service feels more spacious with only a few dozen worshipers in the large sanctuary. We are also asking for your help as we gather back together.

What Grace Anglican Is Doing:

    • A hand sanitizing station and masks will be available. Masks are recommended, but not required. Each is asked to assess their own risk level and take appropriate precautions. 

    • Passing the Peace will be contactless. We will simply turn to those around us and say "peace" or "God's peace be with you" without shaking hands or making contact.

    • Passing collection plates will be facilitated by ushers wearing masks. You will be asked to handle the plate as you pass it down the row (except at 7:45AM.)

    • Communion Guidelines and Information
      • Communion will be offered in bread alone, with a drop of wine already dried on each wafer.
      • Gluten free wafers are available in individual sealed bags.
      • Use spacing as you come forward.
      • Stickers have been placed at the communion rail to serve as a guide for spacing. You can kneel or remain standing at the rail when you come forward.
      • Clergy will wear masks for distribution.

What We Are Asking You To Do:

    • If you are showing signs of illness, we encourage you to refrain from coming to the service and watch the service online. We would be glad for you to join us when it is safer to do so.

    • Safely space out by utilizing the entire Sanctuary for seating.