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Advent 2018 Sermon Series


Current Advent Sermon Series
 - Join us Sunday -

The annual season of Advent marks the beginning of the Christian calendar.  The word comes from the Latin word Adventus meaning a coming, approach or arrival.  The church joins with the people of Israel in the Old Testament waiting for the coming Messiah.  Just as Jesus’ first coming was long expected by the covenant community, so is his return. We will reflect on the future return of Jesus as well as his incarnation 2000 years ago.  Both advents are in the frame during the four weeks leading up to Christmas.  This year, our preaching texts will all come from Luke’s gospel.  They’ve been grouped together under the word “expectations.” The Good News of the Messiah gives us expectations of hope, salvation, transformation and serving.

Additional Resources for this Series: 
This daily devotional during Advent is meant to serve as an at-home liturgy, a recurring ritual we engage in to place value in our relationship with God and shape our habits, loves, and desires in Christ.  We encourage you to use this devotional either in the morning or evening each day (individually or as a group or family).  Follow prompts of when to read the allotted Scripture and discussion question for each day.