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Grace Anglican Church 
5804 US Highway 17
Fleming Island, FL 32003
Phone (904) 541-1234    Fax (904) 541-0720

Office Hours - Monday-Thursday 9:30AM-4:30PM, Friday 9:30AM-2:00PM

For general information | info@graceanglican.church

The Very Rev. Mike McDonald, Senior Pastor | mike@graceanglican.church  

The Rev. Dan Wolf, Associate Pastor | dan@graceanglican.church                                                

The Rev. Gus Richard, Assistant Pastor | gus@graceanglican.church

The Rev. Luke Memminger, Deacon |luke@graceanglican.church

Chris Bretton, Director of Student Ministries | chris@graceanglican.church

Jordan Franco, Junior High Ministry Coordinator | jordan@graceanglican.church

Dr. Jim Hart, Choir Director | jhart@iws.edu

Dr. Jessica Coleman, Director of Contemporary Worship | jessicacoleman@graceanglican.church

The Rev. Dr. Jessica Jones, Director of Christian Formation | jessicajones@graceanglican.church

Jennifer White, Children's Ministry Coordinator | jennifer@graceanglican.church

Cathy Holton, Preschool Program & Busy Bees Coordinator | cathy@graceanglican.church

Barbara Mercer, Nursery Program & Busy Bees Coordinator  | 904-541-1234

Frances Nichols, Director of Parish Administration | frances@graceanglican.church

Jan Rowell, Administrative Assistant | jan@graceanglican.church

Bob Simpson, Director of Facilities | bob@graceanglican.church

Nancy Stokes, Membership Coordinator |nancy@graceanglican.church

Deidre Terry, Belonging Coordinator | deidre@graceanglican.church

Liz Cohn, Director of Communications | liz@graceanglican.church

Sam Horowitz, Director of Technology | techdirector@graceanglican.church